I wouldn’t have needed $1.75 billion to launch a video streaming platform. But we already know that no one would give me that much money to just start a business…but I digress.

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Adrienne C. McWilliams, Co-Founder & CEO of BRIDGE Networks Inc.

I have over 15 years experience in media, built video platforms for much less for global clients and Travelspective, and currently building local marketplaces powered by video to help bring our cities into the future of search and e-commerce at BRIDGE. So I’ve been watching closely since the very first announcement of ‘New TV.’

Here is why I knew back in March of 2019 things were not going to go well for Quibi. It was evident in this interview at SXSW, but I’ll break it down. …


Adrienne C. McWilliams

Co-Founder/CEO of BRIDGE Networks & Travelspective. Focused on changing the paradigm of how we consume content. Speaks video fluently.

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